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what is web-to-printAn Effective Database Solution?

Analytical Customer Relationship Management Solution analyzes customer data for a variety of purposes, including:

-- design and execution of targeted marketing campaigns to optimize marketing effectiveness

-- design and execution of specific customer campaigns, including customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention

-- analysis of customer behavior to aid product and service decision making (e.g. pricing, new product development, etc)

-- management decisions, e.g. financial forecasting and customer profitability analysis

-- prediction of the probability of customer defection (churn).

Analytical CRM generally makes heavy use of Predictive analytics.

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Database Management – The Untapped Resource
Database management solutions at your finger tips!  
Database intelligence
can do meaningful

BAM! Direct’s database management solutions make it easy for companies to pull vital data and use that data to drive business goals. While database management is not a marketing strategy, it is an essential tool of strategic marketing that can support the most sophisticated marketing initiatives. In fact, successful companies understand that when harnessed properly, database management certainly powers all marketing efforts. Database management is business intelligence in its most elemental form.

As a full service direct marketing company, BAM! Direct knows that a comprehensive database is typically an untapped resource for many companies. Many companies fail to capitalize on the rich information embedded within their database because most databases are not regularly maintained, poorly organized, and are not linked cross-departments – capturing key information pertaining to each and every customer experience.

Making Your Database An Intelligence Powerhouse
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  Let BAM! Direct be your
partner in database

A well-maintained database is rich with customer behavior, trends, financial analysis by campaign – and is an excellent predictive source for future campaigns to both current customers and prospects. With an enhanced or newly developed database you can:

  Create models for response, activation,
cross-selling, conversation, or
whatever your business goals require.
  Create customer and prospects profiles
  Manage segmentation (clustering)
  Ensure optimization of products, pricing, creative
  Establish benchmarks and validation points

That’s why BAM! Direct is ideal as your database management partner. If you have an existing database that could use some clean-up or you don’t have a database management system and see the immediate value in creating one, BAM! Direct will help you design and build a meaningful database management tool to work as your company’s intelligence powerhouse.

BAM! Direct – Your Partner In Database Management:

  List Maintenance – sort and manage key information and have fingertip ready data for distribution channels or reactive marketing initiatives.
  Database Analytics – use all of the database intelligence to do meaningful forecasting and planning and create measurable business milestones.
  Contact Management – a central repository of key business relationships and contacts enabling real time access and up to date information.
  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – track and monitor the buying habits of your customers and use that information to identify trends and adjust enhancements to further the buying relationship.
  Transactional manifest – monitor the types of transactions that drive per transaction metrics – evaluate the real cost of doing business.

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Contact us today to discuss how to make effective database management your untapped goldmine of information to drive results.
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